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Longer pieces on timeless topics. Many essays came to life as responses to frequent questions from others.


Evidence-based learning methods I use regularly
I want to share several learning methods that have consistently outperformed the rest in terms of long-term performance. With those methods in your toolbox, you’ll be able to learn more efficiently and effectively.

The paradox of learning
The paradox of learning, or why struggling could mean you’re actually doing it the right way.

Learning – what and how
There are too many skills to learn in one lifetime, so deciding where and how to focus and for how long is an important skill in itself.


How I organize my work and keep my sanity
Like many knowledge workers, I operate in an environment where I have too many options to work on at any given moment. I have found a way of keeping on top of it, and I’m sharing it here.

Guiding principle
People are either stuck and can’t progress anymore, try to do too much and don’t do anything at the end, or are simply overwhelmed by a plethora of options when thinking about their career (and sometimes life) choices.

10 behaviors for more influence
I mentored several UX designers on improving communication and cross-functional influence. Similar topics started to surface with each person, so I decided to note them down.

FAQ: How to get a UX job at Google
I’ve compiled frequently asked questions about getting a UX job at Google and provided brief answers to them.


Business strategy
My high-level summary as a reminder of what is strategy.

Stability vs. disruption, and the three pillars of a big company
It took me about four years of working in a big company to understand and internalize the structure and dynamics of big companies. This is how I understand them at the moment.

Lessons from the corporate world
Things I’ve noticed that are more prominent in a big company than in a small company.

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