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Your websites suck

Many people from tech bemoaned the launch of Facebook’s Instant Articles, and fortification of walled gardens and native apps killing the web (again). Baldur Bjarnason published an excellent article with aggregated commentaries, but also added his owns words which hit the bullseye.

Here’s an absolute fact that all of these reporters, columnists, and media pundits need to get into their heads:

The web doesn’t suck. Your websites suck.
All of your websites suck.

You destroy basic usability by hijacking the scrollbar. You take native functionality (scrolling, selection, links, loading) that is fast and efficient and you rewrite it with ‘cutting edge’ javascript toolkits and frameworks so that it is slow and buggy and broken. You balloon your websites with megabytes of cruft. You ignore best practices. You take something that works and is complementary to your business and turn it into a liability.

The whole article is well worth reading, so please do it. It might even serve as a pivot in the way people think about web, for example like Ethan Marcotte’s article about responsive web design five years ago.

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