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Why I don’t write about Google

You may be wondering why I don’t write about Google. Some of you even asked me and it’s a valid question worth answering.

Googlers are reminded from the start that they should be mindful of their external communication. Apart from the obvious confidential stuff, there are guidelines on how to handle most other situations. There is a sound reasoning behind it and it quickly becomes apparent why you should be careful even if you don’t read through all the points.

Google is a huge company and one of the best known brands in the world, so every step it takes is closely examined. It’s often praised, but also attacked by other companies, organizations, media and different interest groups. Even a minor thought, action or perspective can be, and was, escalated giving it unnecessary attention. It looks funny when observing from the inside, but it’s also sobering to see the shitstorm developing out of thin air and for no valid reason.

Writing anything about Google could potentially reveal upcoming features or strategies, give an impression that my personal opinion is shared by Google or simply provide ammunition for anyone who wants to do some damage. I’m sad to admit it’s easier to stay on the safe side and refrain from commenting.

That being said, you’re not saved from my gibberish. I will continue writing about design, technology and best practices, will cover conferences and add a bit of travel insights as usual.

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