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UX on App Start Contest

App Start Contest is an educational student contest organized on the University of Zagreb. From February to May partners from IT industry present case studies to help students learn from experience. Five Minutes is one of the partners, so Vedran Židanik and I gave two lectures.

After a short intro by Luka Abrus, it was my turn first. I talked about good communication during a project and how to incorporate good user experience practices into a normal workflow. The presentation was very similar to the one from WebCamp Zagreb, so check it out if you’re interested.

Vedran spoke about user interface design, specifically about typography, grids and color. In a series of slides he demonstrated how to improve a design of a mobile news reader. Presented that way, with each step showing only a small gradual change, it’s easy to see how a great visual design comes to life even for an untrained developer.

But the true heroes of this story are the organizers and students. To manage and attend such a contest during a tough academic year is no small feat. On the other hand, we wouldn’t expect any less from our future colleagues and partners :)

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