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Smartwatch experiment

Let me tell you about my recent smartwatch experiment. Last year I wrote a post about how I couldn’t think of any good way to incorporate that technology in my life. It’s always prudent to question your own beliefs and reasoning from time to time, so I decided to borrow a smartwatch for two weeks and use it as much as I could.

I returned it four days later. I tried, I really tried, but I couldn’t find any use for it in my daily routines. The only exception was timekeeping and I already had a watch that could do that without recharging every night. This doesn’t mean smartwatches are useless. Many people find them practical, but not me.

I still think wearable technology will be a success in the future. Sensors we’ll constantly wear will help us with personal tracking, interacting with devices, and health. But maybe shoes count my steps better? Or a part of trousers changes a song in a safer way during cycling instead fiddling with a watch? Let’s wait and see.

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