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Saved by the angels

The planned layover in Frankfurt is one and a half hour. That’s really comfortable. But when my plane is late 35 minutes on arrival, the shuttle bus gets stuck 10 minutes in traffic and I get dumped on a wrong terminal, some very worrying thoughts go through my head while I’m running around. The new shuttle bus is quickly dispatched getting me closer to my destination.

But then, one hundred Chinese are waiting in front of me for passport control. It’s the Great Wall of China! Luckily, I kindly ask them if I can get to the front of the line because my flight is due in 10 minutes and they say “yes”. I bow and run through.

As an aside, before that I asked a big white German guy working there if he could help me. He asked me if I had an EU passport. I said “no”. He shrugged his shoulders and told me to stand in line. It seems that by not being an EU citizen I’m worth as much as a baggage trolley.

A bit more running, a security check and I’m the last one going through the gate. The guy at the counter told me he was just closing it. That was close.

Two hours later I’m trying to find a free seat at the packed Copenhagen airport waiting for my next flight. I spot one, sit down and close my eyes. I’m trying to relax from the whole mess and think who should I thank for getting on time. I open my eyes and see this …

Victoria's Secret store in Copenhagen airport.

If that’s not the sign from the heavens, I don’t know what is :)

P.S. The big display in the back of the store was playing the “Angels in Bloom” fashion show. And you know what? The Angels walking down the line is very relaxing.

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