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New channels: email, Mastodon, RSS

I decided to re-evaluate my involvement in some media channels while opening new ones that might foster more meaningful relationships and communication, even at a smaller scale. The decision comes after working through my earlier thoughts about social media. My new guidance is to publish anything significant on my website first, then link or cross-post to other platforms if appropriate.

New channels

  • 馃摠 Email digest every few months
    I’ve been thinking about email as a medium for several years, but a regular weekly newsletter is something I can’t do right now. However, a short collection of links to my essays, book notes, and related writing every few months is a great value I can commit to delivering consistently. If you don’t want to spend time on social media catching pieces here and there and instead get a summary of all posts, essays, and book notes in your inbox, let me know your email address 馃摟. You can see an example of the digest at the bottom of the post.
  • 馃 RSS feed
    People have been asking me about my non-existent RSS feed for a decade. Not many people use RSS, but moving to a new platform has made it relatively easy to set up. To those few who use still use Really Simple Syndication, have fun 馃檪
  • 馃悩 Mastodon experiment at
    Many interesting people left Twitter for Mastodon, so I opened an account to try it out. I’ll post everything from my website on Mastodon and maybe something extra, likely more technical. I’ll run the experiment in 2023 to see if the platform/protocol gains traction.

Existing channels

  • 馃捈
    LinkedIn is my online resume and my business contact list, so I’ll continue posting shorter posts and linking to longer pieces related to work and personal development. LinkedIn is the best place to follow me if you’re interested in that kind of content.
  • 馃惁
    I’ll keep my involvement as it is at the moment which is only posting links to my website articles. Consider Twitter my website feed if you don’t use RSS.

Example email digest for winter 2023



Book notes and recommendations:

Interesting books I read recently:

  • Terry Pratchett: A Life with Footnotes by Rob Wilkins
  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

馃洃 the end of the example 馃洃

The next email is coming in June. If you want to get it in your inbox, let me know your email address 馃摟.

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