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Klettersteig Sulzfluh

It was time for something I’ve never tried before. A colleague of mine and I woke up before dawn to drive to St. Antönien in east Switzerland. We arrived there just as dawn was breaking. That rocky peak was the goal of the day.

A view of hills and a mountain top.

Views were magical even before reaching the rocky part.

A view of the valley and tiny mountain roads.

Loose gravel above 2000 meters of altitude meant it was time to gear up and start climbing.

I’m standing at the base of the rock and putting on my helmet.

The climb is almost half a kilometer of ascent and takes about three hours. A steel safety cable runs throughout the climb, and aside from a safety tether, no other equipment is necessary. That makes the whole experience approachable and not too strenuous.

I’m standing on a steep side of the mountain tethered to the steel safety cable.

The view from the top, at 2817 meteres, is amazing and hard to convey through a photo. One side looks at Swiss Alps; the other at Austria.

The view from the top of the mountain.

A lovely mountain hut.

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