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I started publishing my book notes

tl;dr I started publishing my book notes. The first one is The Minimal Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia.

I didn’t take any notes when reading books in my youth. Nobody told me you could do it, and I was under the wrong impression that I’d remember everything I was reading because I was interested in it. So I just continued reading a lot. Luckily, the volume and repetition of related books helped me retain some knowledge.

I started taking book notes later in life when I realized I couldn’t recall many of the things I had read earlier. My notes were in many places: paper notebooks, local digital files, and my website. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very organized in that aspect of my life, and I prioritized volume over reflection and analysis.

Several years ago, I finally committed to taking more structured notes and created a system around it. That proved extremely helpful because I could review them later and connect them to other knowledge I had.

I like reading book summaries and notes from others to give me more information for deciding if that’s the book I want to read in more depth. Realizing I have several notes of my own and that I’ll continue reading books and writing notes, I decided to start publishing my book notes on my website. I won’t commit to any particular cadence, but two books per month is a reasonable expectation.

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