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Giving back

I was pretty quiet during June; minimal presence on social networks and no new articles. The main reason is I had some personal and group projects going on. Most of them are for helping others and giving back to the community.


At the beginning of this year, Ana and I came to an idea to build a service that could help those less fortunate by donating things people don’t use anymore. Over the next few months the idea and the team grew and found a partner in the Cipele46 initiative. You can look at what the fabulous group of forty people built this Saturday in a full day hackathon.

Hyde Starter Kit

This is my first open-source project, started in 2011. Hyde, a static website generator used to build this site, is a great program, but it lacks documentation. People new to Hyde don’t know where to start, so I created a template that acts as a tutorial. There were some major updates to Hyde recently, so the template had to be updated too. The code is available at GitHub.


This is a Vim plugin. If you work with a lot of windows or on a widescreen monitor, check out how it works. It started as a prototype, but finished as a nice piece of working code, available at GitHub.

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