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Fundamentals of UI Design

See Fundamentals of User Interface Design on Slideshare

The presentation covers fundamentals of user interface design and how they’re used to build a simple interface element. It’s been tailored for people who had minimal or no exposure to design, but would like to learn the basics.


I first gave this presentation in 2012 to a group of computer science students at the University of Zagreb. It was an introduction to a workshop during which they had to create interface concepts for their projects. The idea of teaching programmers basic visual design skills proved successful, so I was invited again next year.

Between those two lectures I also gave this presentation to more experienced programmers in my previous company Five minutes, now called just Five. The result was also positive: increased vocabulary and shared understanding improved designer-programmer collaboration on all future projects.

Now, after a long break, I revisited the presentation, improved it, and shared it publicly. At the same time I presented it to a group of software engineers in Google, continuing this successful educational series.

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