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The eight Google anniversary

I wrote a short post during my train commute on my eight Google anniversary. Little did I know, or even expect, that it will get a bigger reach than initially planned. Text and screenshot below:

After exactly eight years at Google and YouTube, and all that time in one amazing team (YouTube Ads), I have an announcement to make.

I’m going to stay here for the time being :) Clickbaity intro aside, my LinkedIn feed has been swamped with announcements from people changing jobs or even careers. There is a time for a change, and one should take it. However, there are many more people who decide to stay where they are but they are not heard. This short post is a shout-out to them.

Benefits of staying (if the environment is healthy):

  • Fostering long lasting relationships
  • Building up expertise and having all the context
  • Thinking about the long-term because you know you’ll have to live with all the problems you ignore right now
  • Seeing results of things that take years to develop and roll out (product, orgs, people)

PS Today is my eighth anniversary, for real :) The photo is the one I took in 2014 as I prepared to enter a Google office for the first time.

A screenshot of the post with thousands of reactions and hundreds of thousands of views in the feed.

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