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Digital Labin 2019

Four hundred developers and designers converged on a small Istrian town Labin where Digital Labin conference is taking place for the second year in a row. The local organizer assembled a diverse lineup from all around Europe in a mix of workshops and talks, which is a massive win for all industry professionals in the region. I gave a keynote about how to learn foundational work skills that cross industries and can last for decades.

Merlin stands on a stage in front of the title slide.

The photo is from the tweet below.

Tweet screenshot: @merlinrebrovic came to Digital to introduce foundational work skills that cross
industries, and also ways to identify and quickly learn core
skills within an industry. He is currently working as a UX
design lead and manager at Google and

You can watch the video recording on YouTube:

Here you can find all definitions, online resources, and books mentioned in the talk.

Some other tweets and photos of the talk:

Tweet screenshot: First talk of the day - @merlinrebrovic
from @Google at @DigitalLabin

Tweet screenshot: Thank you @merlinrebrovic for your talk.
It was insightfull and full of useful books we now have to
read :) Also Fallout ref. #findthegeck

Empty seats in the conference hall seen from the stage before the venue opened.

The conference hall is fully packed.

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