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Danke schön für Ihre Treue

A letter and timetables by ZVV.

This just came in the mail. It’s from ZVV, Zürich’s public transport company and it says “Danke schön für Ihre Treue” at the top. It translates to “Thank you for your loyalty”.

The attached letter says how happy they are that a new important underground train connection between two parts of the city will be ready during June. It will shorten the trip to the airport by 6 minutes (you can’t make this up) and they would be delighted if we would come to the opening to do a test ride.

The announcement packs a set of new and revised timetables, some other minor news and a discount voucher for a trip to popular city destinations like the zoo, museums, etc.

The public transit is well connected, affordable, punctual, supported by online services and they still manage to delight people with details like this. I really want to buy a ticket here because I clearly see what I’m paying for.

Trains at the station.

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Note: I was planning to write a big review of Zürich and Switzerland for the last two months I’ve been here, but it seems I can never find a block of time large enough to finish it. Therefore I decided to split it in a series of smaller, but more focused posts.

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