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CNN article on Google’s brand as an employer after layoffs

The article opens with:

While the extent of the layoffs was staggering, and by far the largest cuts in its history, it was the way the cuts were handled that stunned many inside and outside the company. Google, which for years ranked as the top company to work for in the United States, laid off thousands of workers by e-mail.

It’s unusual to read an external article that matches so much of internal sentiment. It’s also weird to read about events at the company from the past decade and realize that I lived through all of them and even participated in several of them.

One of my co-workers posted the article on LinkedIn with the comment:

Post-mortem of what is likely the largest single-event drop in employer brand-equity in the history of employer branding.

The outcome is a bit unfortunate because the situation will improve at some point and we’ll need to start hiring again.

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