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Hi, my name is Merlin Rebrović. Welcome to my place on the Web.

I love learning, books, and technology, and it’s been like this since my childhood. I use this website to write and share my thoughts on those topics and as an occasional personal journal. My professional career has spanned several roles and companies in tech, which seems like a symptom of my broad interests and curiosity. You can read more about me or follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

A drawing of a wizard's hat.

Latest blog posts

  • Following the recent trend among tech companies, Google announced mass layoffs, citing the current economic situation.
  • Motivated reasoning is a phenomenon in cognitive science and social psychology in which emotional biases lead to justifications or decisions based on their desirability rather than an accurate reflection of the evidence.
  • If the duration and intensity of the New Year’s fireworks are an indicator of the current economic situation and what’s to come in 2023, it will be tight and tough.
  • The view over the lake would be hard to improve even if someone designed it.
  • I’m reconsidering the value of my participation as the richest man-child in the world is driving the Twitter clown car off the cliff.

Selected essays and talks

  • Like many knowledge workers, I operate in an environment where I have too many options to work on at any given moment. I have found a way of keeping on top of it, and I’m sharing it here.
  • Why struggling could mean you’re actually doing it the right way.
  • I mentored several UX designers on improving communication and cross-functional influence. Similar topics started to surface with each person, so I decided to note them down.
  • Instead of chasing trends and fads, wouldn’t it be better to focus on knowledge and skills that last for decades or even a lifetime? This talk introduced foundational work skills that cross industries, and also ways to identify and quickly learn core skills within an industry.

Older projects

  • WebGL cube (2015)
    A WebGL experiment that responds to device rotation.
  • Focus.vim (2013)
    A Vim plugin that removes clutter and makes working on a wide screen enjoyable.
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