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I write about technology and design, mostly mobile and web. Sometimes I write about people and places I visit.

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Educational taxi ride

Shortly after initial pleasantries, a taxi driver says he’s a food blogger—starting his second blog—and would like to give us some recommendations. He says “Get your iPhone out so you can take notes”. I respond “I use Android” after which a couple funny comments get exchanged between us. He already knows I work for Google and he asks do I need a ride to any specific office; he knows them all by heart.

The ride is coming to an end with many good restaurant tips. We stop in front of the hotel although he still doesn’t understand why I didn’t use Airbnb for accommodation. “You know they’re a San Francisco company, right?” Using Square to process my credit card reminds him when he dropped Jack Dorsey off at the airport. He checks if I know that Jack is also Twitter’s co-founder.

It’s like I attended “Digital Tech Contemporary History 101”.

My dumb analog watch

A close-up of my analog watch.

Media is full of wearables these days. And that’s OK. We’re doing social and technology experiments of which some will fail and some will succeed. Our lives are going to be integrated with technology even more in the future, in one way or another; it’s inevitable. That’s why I’m not going to write about Android Wear, Apple Watch, Pebble or some other gadget. I will write about my dumb analog watch. And it’s going to be subjective and personal, so be prepared. Read more


A beach in Alcúdia, Mallorca.

Sunny Mallorca, with so many German-speaking tourists that it seems like a southern Germanic province.

Love what you do

In his recent post, Seth Godin writes:

Instead of, “do what you love,” … might be, “love what you do.”

Love what you do.” It’s not a new thought; I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and even surfaced it in a post about lifelong learning almost two years ago. Nevertheless, it’s not something I see very often. “Doing what you love” sounds more poetic and is regularly portrayed as one of the biggest life goals you can achieve. And I agree with a part of it—if you can choose, choose what you love over other things.

But there are a few caveats with blindly pursuing that poetic vision. Life usually won’t provide perfect situations, but compromises of good and bad things alike. There are a lot of boring, repetitive or simply not “cool” tasks that have to be done for something to be successful. For every line of code in a new trendy language or for any mobile screen perfectly designed for the newest platform update, there are docs to be written, bugs triaged and fixed, field and user research conducted, customers called, meetings conducted. And they often take majority of our time.

Realizing that they are a necessary and very important part of our work is just the first step. You also have to stop dividing work between “love” and “hate” buckets because it creates tension and internal struggle every day for not working on “what you love” all the time.

Instead, try to embrace all aspects of your current job and do it the best you can. Fall in love with it, not because it’s a good mantra, but because it’ll make your work outstanding.

Things I do more

Things I do more as I get more experienced:

  • Edit after writing
  • Research before designing
  • Listen before speaking

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