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I write about technology, psychology and design. Sometimes I write about people and places I visit.

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Irish summer

My third visit to Dublin was also windy and rainy; no surprises there even in late July. I remarked on the weather to my taxi driver and he said:

Do you know when Noah had to build an ark because God ordered him to do so? After Noah boarded the ark with his family and all animals, it rained for forty days and forty nights.

Best summer we ever had.

Nordic adventures

I recently returned from sixteen days of backpacking through Scandinavia with my wife. Although I could fill a book with photos and tales of our adventures, I’m not sure how to do a good summary, so I’ll just share a couple of interesting moments and motives.

Snowy central Norway. Read more

Debating the incoming bullet

An interesting observation of an organizational resistance to change from a Moments of Impact book:

Most of the time, not only do leaders of floundering organizations see the bullet coming—they can’t stop talking about it. They sit through endless presentations on the bullet’s velocity, force, and trajectory. As it gets closer, bullet initiatives and shield task forces pop up all over the place. By the time the bullet arrives, everyone knows all about it—so much so that they’re bored of the topic. Yet, they let it hit them anyway.

Humor and meaningfulness

I finished “Man’s Search For Meaning” by an Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl. He survived through several Nazi concentration camps during World War II and in his book he describes—from a doctors point of view—how people behaved and coped. It is hard and depressing, but insightful read. Two things stood out: humor and meaningfulness. Read more

Castle Neuschwanstein

Image description.

Neuschwanstein is one of the most iconic castles in the world. But when I came closer and saw how many things are not finished, and that a thriving fast-track business had been build around it with thousands of tourists visiting every day, the castle lost some of its charm.

It, as many other things in life, is better observed from far away where its external beauty shines. It is, after all, the most beautiful fairy tale castle.

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