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I write about technology and design, mostly mobile and web. Sometimes I write about people and places I visit.

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Things I do more

Things I do more as I get more experienced:

  • Edit after writing
  • Research before designing
  • Listen before speaking

To design is to communicate

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.

— Milton Glaser

Why I don’t write about Google

You may be wondering why I don’t write about Google. Some of you even asked me and it’s a valid question worth answering.

Googlers are reminded from the start that they should be mindful of their external communication. Apart from the obvious confidential stuff, there are guidelines on how to handle most other situations. There is a sound reasoning behind it and it quickly becomes apparent why you should be careful even if you don’t read through all the points. Read more

Foreign languages

Foreign languages are a very uncomfortable place for most people. Most have been learning at least one in school for years, but never got it to the point where it can be used comfortably in daily life. Many like the idea of learning a new language, but never dedicate time to do it. When confronted by a tourist who needs directions, the brain stops working and the voice disappears.

Some of these statements are true for me, too. English is the only foreign language where I feel comfortable; with listening and reading very close to a native level and speaking with an accent, but good enough to get away from most conversations unscathed. Other than that, I can say “sausage” in German, “dance” in Spanish and a few proverbs in Latin.

And then I moved to Zürich. Read more

Swiss precision

Image description.

Swiss precision is world famous, but sometimes it works against you. A new car and an unknown road can easily get you distracted, making you speed a bit as a consequence.

Cameras and radars are always watching, so they caught me in the exact situation. I was driving 57 km/h in a 50 km/h area. They had deducted 3 km/h as a safety margin and then mailed me a ticket for 4 km/h I was over the limit.

There are almost no reckless drivers in Switzerland and now you know why.

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