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I write about design, technology, and people. Sometimes I photograph places I visit.

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Frozen sunrise

Sunrise on a very cold morning.

Tranquility in one photo.

First calligraphy class

Image description.

I tried calligraphy for the first time today and it was wonderful. As with all new skills, it felt awkward and almost unattainable at first. After practicing for a couple of hours, I could write all letters of the alphabet and some simple words. First milestone reached.

Now, with all tools ready and basics learned, the path to mastery is clear: just put years of deliberate practice into it.

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Genchi genbutsu

I discovered this phrase years ago as one of Toyota Production System’s core principles. Genchi genbutsu roughly translates to “go and see for yourself”. It means you have to come to the place where actual work is done and observe. This is the only way to understand a problem and come up with a solution. Read more

Writing skills in tech

An old Favorit typewriter

Writing well opens doors in your professional life. Writing badly is shooting yourself in the foot. By writing I mean written communication, not writing a novel or another work of fiction. I still firmly believe that communication is a critical component for success in business and written communication plays a major role in that. Read more

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