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I write about technology and design, mostly mobile and web. Sometimes I write about people and places I visit.

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Follow-up on my blindness experiment

About two months ago I did a “blind for a day” experiment and the feedback I got afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. A quick online search shows that I wasn’t the first person to do it, which was expected, but it also points to the other side of the experience—negative reactions to the experiment from the visually impaired or reasons why sighted people should not do it. It boils down to comments like this:

I really find these whatever for a day experiments really patronizing and irritating. People tend to walk away with a smug satisfaction that they know how it is to be blind/deaf/in a chair, but they can take off the blindfold whenever.

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A comic on 190 Pages

Sebastian Frederick Müller and I had a chat about technology recently, mostly about future user interfaces. When we discussed a brain-computer interface, a specific scenario came to his mind which he recorded in a comic. You can check the comic on 190 Pages website or on Tumblr.


Image description.

I just spent a week of complete isolation and relaxation on a couple of sandy patches of land in the Indian ocean. The landscape and the climate are amazing, just like on a postcard. Read more

Blind for a day

The smell of scrambled eggs filled the kitchen. I was starving and it felt like a torture. The creamy eggs hit the plate soon and I was ready. I grabbed a fork and stabbed at them. “I got it” I thought to myself. I lifted a fork to my mouth anticipating the first contact with a smile. And then I bit the metal. That can happen when you’re blind.


I’m a nerd and I make lists. Some last a day, some a bit longer. There is one that is a decade old and it contains an entry “be blind for a day”. It’s from a time I first got interested in human psychology and especially how human brain works—how it learns and how it adapts. Will my perception drastically change? Will I adapt to new surroundings quickly or fail miserably? How is my environment prepared for my new state? Will I gain even more empathy for people with eyesight problems? A lot of questions formed in my mind. Read more

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