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I write about technology and design, mostly mobile and web. Sometimes I write about people and places I visit.

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Paper collection

Old paper ready to be collected.

Today is a paper collection day. Old paper was filtered, stacked and tied together by each household. It was taken out yesterday evening and quietly collected this morning not to litter the streets for too long. So very Swiss.

A tourist in Zagreb

An empty street in Zagreb during a sunny winter day.

Recent holiday trip was the first long stay in Zagreb since I left nine months earlier. Although I know every corner of the city by heart, walking its empty streets with a camera in my hand made me feel like a tourist in my hometown for the first time.

A book about scarcity

I finished a book Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir. The premise of their research is that experiencing any kind of scarcity negatively affects our lives and communities. While this seems intuitive, it touches so many organizational situations and human conditions that I was left genuinely surprised. Read more

Year in review 2014

What a year. So many things happened it’s impossible to list them all. I’ll start from the most life changing—living abroad.

People all over the place

I got married this year, but even my wife would agree that moving to Switzerland was the most significant event for us. We were aware of the trade-offs—more opportunities for growth and more distance from family and friends. The former is great, the latter not so much. There are two things I noticed: Read more

Alan Ford is lost in translation

Main Alan Ford characters.

Alan Ford is a comic series started at the end of 1960s. Alan is a member of a small group of mostly clumsy and lazy secret agents operating from a flower shop in New York. Their actions are filled with satire and black humor often pointing to issues in Western society.

This introduction would be redundant if you’re from a former Yugoslavia country. Just saying Alan Ford would be enough to set a stage for either a discussion or a joke. And this is where I stumbled. Read more

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