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I write about design, technology, and people. Sometimes I take photos of places I visit.

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Unsolicited career advice

Career advice which I’m fairly certain will resonate and 100% certain you will ignore.

Setting goals and systems

I’ve written and talked about goals and goal setting a few times before. However, the success of reaching a goal doesn’t only rest in setting the goal, but also in deciding which path to take towards it. This video describes two different approaches, and why one is superior to the other.

Bias and discrimination in machine learning

Imagine a group of government officials who take and process passport applications. The application consists of filling in a form and handing over one photo of the applicant’s face. All officials try to do good work except one. That official is racist and rejects every application from a person who looks different. The people in the government notice the discrimination. They decide to introduce a machine that will learn from all applications processed by good officials. The machine is consistent; it equalizes criteria for all applications, so current and future discrimination is gone. But is it? Read more


The best performers are not consistently great, but they’re great at being consistent.

It’s from Peak Performance and something I’ve noticed too. People around me who deliver great work have good days and bad days, but they strive to make it a good day every day.

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