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Interaction designer at Google. Engineer. Student of life. Wizard.

Fun facts

  • Reads one book a week.
  • Jumped out of the plane and survived. Tried a few more times.
  • Slept under the surface of the Earth. Not a zombie.
  • Danced in front of 3.500 people.
  • Traveled to 27 countries and 4 continents.
  • Never got drunk.
  • Can code and design.
  • Doesn’t own a TV.

A longer version for the curious

Too many interests and not enough time to indulge in all of them is my daily struggle. I love learning and applying that knowledge to solving problems. I’m humble and satisfied with life, but also very disciplined and proactive. I come from Zagreb (Croatia) and Zürich (Switzerland) is my current home.


I started working as a back-end developer during my computer science studies. Over time, I drifted towards front-end and really liked it. Design is closely related to front-end, so I dabbled in design more and more because of my earlier love for drawing and psychology.

I’ve worked mostly in smaller companies on projects for international clients and markets. I even started a small studio with a couple of good friends at one point; we had a great time for a couple of years and tasted the hard life of running a business.

I’m currently working as an interaction designer at Google and YouTube. Web and mobile are where I fight for a better use of technology and a great user experience.


I like to read and spend time with friends and family when I’m not working. I love to exercise and to be outdoors. Over the course of my life I’ve tried a lot of physical activities, sometimes suspecting that I might be “an exercise addict”.

If you like to get updates on design, technology and lifelong learning, you should follow me on Twitter.

The profile photo is courtesy of Monika Kovaljesko.

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